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Who can join Site Club?


As long as you are kind, courteous and treat our agents with respect and the content of your site doesn't go against Wix's terms of use then we are all good!

Though, of course, Site Club always reserves the right to refuse service to any project for any reason deemed legitimate by one of our team members and will be assessed on a case-to-case basis.

What are the benefits of being a Site Club Member?

The biggest benefit of being a  Site Club is receiving the professional touch and efficiency of a design agency without usual price tags. We strive to offer an efficient and effective way to get your brand online and allow for you to edit the content of your site as needed without having to worry that every change will cost you a small fortune everytime you contact the agency. We also offer the flexibility to pause your membership at any time should you need to take a break from your website, you can cancel or pause your Site Club Membership and we will hold on to your sites design for you should you ever decide to rejoin.

Additional benefits include:

  • Having your site put together for you to take one more thing off of your to-do list

  • no-stress site maintenance; just send us a message with what you need and we'll take care of it for you!

  • Get more time back - you have enough to think about running your business, let us worry about making sure your site is putting your brands best foot forward.

  • additional savings for add-ons and additional services

  • flexibility to cancel or pause your membership at any time, we'll hold on to your site for you

  • Site Club Membership also includes a exclusive 10% savings on any of our add-on services including graphic design, logo creation, copywriting, content creating plans, ghostwriting and social media management

How does Site Club Membership work?

To become a Site Club Member we require a one-time implementation fee priced to your customized needs to implement your brands media and copy into your site and then it's a monthly membership fee starting the day we launch your site. You are welcome to cancel or pause your Site Club Membership at any time, your membership will end at the end of that current payment cycle and would terminate at your renewal date. Ending your membership will result in your site being published at the end of that current cycle.

How much does the Site Club cost?

Site Club starts at $125USD/month; all new Site Club Memberships require a one-time implementation fee starting at $675USD (implementation fee varies on a project to project basis for add-ons and additional customizations; some site integrations may reflect an increase in monthly membership fees)

What do I get for my membership?

Our standard monthly membership fee includes hosting and agency access at your convenience with up to 45 collective minutes of site content editing per month for adjustments to your site.

Membership offers agency support via email where you can submit a requests to us at any time with adjustments to make to the content of your site and it will be completed at the next possible availability.

Site Club Membership also includes a exclusive 10% savings on any of our add-on services including graphic design, logo creation, copywriting, content creating plans, ghostwriting and social media management

Are there different membership levels?

Not yet, but we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings!

Currently all plans have a base starting rate of $675USD for implementation of our starter site that can be built upon with a month recurring monthly membership fee of $125USD which includes hosting and up to 45 collective minutes per month of edits, adjustment and maintenance. 

Starter plans can be customized and added to be made to fit the needs of your project. Membership tiers may be something we offer in the future but at the moment Site Club Membership is customized by consultation and to the needs of the individual client.

When am I charged my monthly membership?

After your implementation and design phase, your monthly membership will begin on the day your site is launched and will recur monthly until cancelled.

How do I cancel my Site Club Membership?

If you need to cancel your Site Club Membership at any time just shoot as an email and we will terminate your monthly plan at the time of what would be your next renewal. Your site will be unpublished at the time your plan terminates.

Is there a minimum membership commitment?


The only thing required is your non-refundable implementation fee to reserve and retain your sites spot with Site Club. Your monthly membership can be terminated or paused at any time; when requested your account will be set to expire at the end of your payment cycle of that time. 

You can request a pause or cancellation of your membership at any time and we'll hold on to your website for you until you're ready to come back to Site Club!

Why are you so flexible with membership?

We understand firsthand what it's like to be a modern day business owner and know that sometimes we need to take a break from things or we might run a business that doesn't require a website all year round.

We wanted to develop and offer a membership style web design product with the modern day entrepreneur in mind that allowed for ease and flexibility when getting your brand online.

What happens if I miss my payment or my card declines?

No worries! These things happen sometimes

We will attempt to collect payment for up to two weeks and will contact you by email to update your payment methods. 

If we are unable to acquire an updated payment method by two weeks then we will consider your membership to be cancelled and your site will be unpublished at that time.

How can I become a member?

You can reach out to us via our contact form or you can get started by purchasing your Starter plan here

Can a membership expire?


Memberships do not expire and require a cancellation request to be cancelled or paused.

Memberships renewal will continue on a month to month basis from the time  your monthly plan is activated and your site goes live until the end of the membership cycle of which you chose to notify us of your cancellation in.

Membership may also be cancelled after two weeks of failed payment attempts should your card on file not process. After two weeks your Membership will be considered cancelled and your site will be unpublished. We will still store your site design for you should you decide to return to update your payment method.

Can I transfer my site to another Wix account or agency?


Site Club is built on a concept created by the owners of our parent agency so unfortunately we are unable to transfer or duplicate your site in any way and can not be moved to another Wix account.

Site Club retains ownership of the design which it is available to you as a Site Club Member. Should you choose to decide to end or pause your membership with Site Club for any reason, your site will be stored for you should you chose to return in the future. If you would like to have a site that you are able to own, duplicate and transfer at your leisure, please consider contacting our parent agency The Carve Creative to discuss options for a custom site built for your needs.

As a member, can I email you with any questions?


Once a member, feel free to email us any time and a member of our agency will do their best to get back to you as efficiently as possible

Do you offer any other services?


We have something for all of your creative digital needs!

Please feel free to explore our other service offerings here

What is the refund policy for website membership club?

Refunds are issued on a case-to-case basis and at the discretion of the agency. The implementation fee due at the start of becoming a Site Club Member is a retainer fee, not a deposit, and is non-refundable. Monthly fees may be refunded depending on situation, though usually will have their renewal cancelled and will terminate at the end of that paid month.

How do I update my payment information?

You can reach out to us any time via email and one of our team members can assist you in updating any payment method necessary

How often do I get new content?

You're welcome to request as many changes and content updates to your site with your provided content up to your monthly allotment of up to 45 collective editing minutes (all time usage is tracked, if you require beyond 45 minutes per month please let us know and a custom package offering can be created for you). If you're needing content created for your page please have a look at our offerings here, if you need help to decide which offering fits your needs best please reach out via our contact page at any time to discuss further with one of our design agents.

What kind of content can I expect?

Whatever content you bring!

Our Site Club team works with you to collect your available images, copywriting and other media you'd like included in your website. 

If you need assistance developing content for your site, please see our list of content creation add-on options.

The page layout of a Site Club website changes based on how and what content is present in the page.

Who creates the content?

If you decide to hire Site Club to help create your content, then we do!

Our design specialists will work with you to acquire what base content you have and we will help you to create fresh imagery, items and graphics to best suite the aesthetic of your site! You're welcome to bring your own content as well!

Just need a few stock images? We also offer our photo hunt service where our team will find on-brand royalty-free images that we can use in your site layout without worry!

What if I don't have a logo, fonts, or colours picked out yet?

No worries at all, we offer a variety of brand discovery packages that can be added to your implementation phase. We offer something for any of your digital branding needs, so just ask us!

Where is the content hosted?

All sites are built using Wix Editor X, sites and content are hosted and held on Wix's secure servers globally

How can I access the content?

All design access to sites is maintained by the Site Club team; as a Site Club member, if you require any changes or edits to the content on your live site, please reach out to our team via email and one of our agents will happily make those adjustments for you!

Is there a guarantee that the content will be high quality?

We do our absolute best to offer high quality sites designed to fit your needs with a premium design experience.

If you are using content that you are bringing to the project, the quality of output of site will be dependant on the quality of content used. If you're working with our design team to create and find customized graphics and images for your project, we can better guarantee the quality of content produced for use.

All of our site designs are designed using Editor X by Wix to allow for fully responsive design which means your site looks great on any platform size (computer, tablet or mobile)

So, can we talk about Site Club 😏?

Absolutely, we love when you do!! The best compliment is a referral!

Unlike a certain club from the 90's that must remain unnamed at all times - we love when you talk about Site Club!

Tell your friends and anyone who might be looking for an easy way to get their site online!

You can also find us on Instagram at @TheSiteClub

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